Diamond Light
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2008 No. 1
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The Fiery Heart and the Work of the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings How Can We Cooperate?
Dorothy R. Tilson
The Yogi serves as a living link with the Supermundane World; this honorable cooperation is not easy. Chaotic earthly accumulations cause pain and exhaustion beyond measure. But the Yogi is a true sacrificer and knows that the Common Good is not achieved easily.
Supermundane, IV, Par. 949, Agni Yoga Society, New York
People love to listen to news and to receive toys, but few are ready to refine their consciousness. It cannot be that one of the elements has not been stressed in the Teachings. Fire has been mentioned a thousand times, but now the stressing of Fire is no longer a repetition, for it is a warning about events, which concern the planet's fate. Most people will not be able to say that in their hearts they have been preparing for the Fiery Baptism, although the most ancient Teachings forewarned about the inevitable Epoch of Fire.
Fiery World, II, Preface, Agni Yoga Society, New York

Before humanity can fully cooperate with the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings they must recognize the fact of their existence—this group is a past graduated humanity and a step ahead of the present humanity in unfoldment of the Cosmic Plan—the Plan for a synthesization and integration of a totality of enlightened entities within its radial confines. At present this is far, far from realization.

The many religions today worship at the feet of the Great One, known by such names in the respective religions as the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Lord Maitreya, Boddhisattva and many other names. However, many do not yet accept or realize the immense Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings working closely with this Great Individual. It becomes the task of those who are aware of their existence to teach and create bridges of understanding to this Hierarchy of Light and Love—some of whom are already in incarnation, but all assisting the Great One primarily by meditating the Plan into existence.

The Cosmic Plan includes our understanding of the seven rays of potent energies—each with its dominant quality—focused wherein we exist—some more potent than others according to cosmic location and focus. In our world we are within the focus of the major ray—the second ray of love/wisdom. In the Aquarian Age into which we are now entering, the prominent subray is the seventh ray, which will produce the new forms of civilization. This seventh ray is very active at this time in humanity's history and it is important to be aware of the functionally descriptive titles by which it is known, such as the ray of consummation, the Ray of Ceremonial Order, the Revealer of Beauty, and the ray of conformity to the inner divine will. It is the seventh ray, which makes it possible to materialize that which has been envisioned.

In many places we find the term "Christ consciousness." Could we also refer to this as "Love consciousness"—the quality of the major 2nd ray of love/wisdom? We have been demonstrating emotional love for centuries—love of individuals, families—even extending to communities, states and nations. But in the Aquarian Age we must learn to demonstrate the quality of wisdom—the conscious mental and intuitional love that includes all the former, but also extends to the inclusion of the planet and the universe. The seventh ray Ceremonial Lord can help us do this as the "Revealer of the New Age."

To work with Hierarchical Enlightened Beings one's personality must be controlled by the soul—to work responsibly; to meet all kinds of challenges; to know the All as One. There are many ways in which one can get involved in working with the evolutionary development of the world, and in world projects. This can be done from the perspective of an individual just knowing and lovingly living in one's own community, to someone actively working on finding solution to world problems. Meditation, which is the intentional and mindful use of the many levels of consciousness, is one additional and most significant way of cooperating with the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings.

Intuitional cooperation with These Hierarchical Beings of Light and Love and Power, together with hard physical plane work, are the ingredients necessary to help solve world problems—and thus help to bring our planet into alignment with Cosmic Plan.