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2008 No. 1
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The Way of the Future: Cooperating with the Supermundane World
Verily, the Earth is to be saved by earthly hands, and the Heavenly Forces are sending the best manna; but if ungathered it is transformed into dew. How then not to rejoice when gatherers are found?1

From the Agni-Puranas, the Unapishads and other ancient Covenants, to the contemporary esoteric wisdom brought forth in the books of the Agni Yoga Society and the Intermediate Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom given out by the Tibetan Master within the books authored by Alice A. Bailey, the Great Teachers of Humanity have long sought to liberate humanity from the yoke of ignorance, oppression and darkness. They hold out the promise of a Higher Way of life that can be attained if humanity but would follow certain spiritual principles and precepts.

In the Theosophical Glossary, the Sanskrit term, Upanishad, is translated as "esoteric doctrine." It is explained that Upanishad is "that which destroys ignorance, and thus produces liberation of the spirit, through the knowledge of the supreme though hidden truth."

In the on-line version of The Principal Upanishads by S. Radhakrishnan, it is explained that only "Brahma—knowledge" can loosen or destroy ignorance. This same truth is also expressed in the Biblical statement: "You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

The Agni Yoga wisdom refers to the Teaching as a saving rope in the mountains and enjoins students to guard the Teaching as one would guard a pearl for, "with what else can we transform our life?" And, "where else shall we find access to the realm of spirit which lives within us?"2

As humanity avails itself of the sacred teachings given out by the Planetary Hierarchy for the benefit of humanity's evolution, and as humanity strives to understand and implement these teachings in the daily life, so shall suffering be lessened and life on planet Earth will improve.

According to the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, the Hierarchy—"a name covering the working disciples of all degrees—has for hundreds of generations sought to aid humanity, and since the fifteenth century has steadily approached closer to the physical plane and sought to make a deeper impact on the human consciousness. This has resulted in a recognition which has in it (at this time) the seeds of world salvation."3

Responsible for planetary evolution, this Hierarchy—a synthesis of all self-conscious Entities of which this solar system is composed—has four pre-eminent lines of work: 1) To develop self-consciousness in all beings; 2) To develop consciousness in the three lower kingdoms; 3) To transmit the will of the Planetary Logos; 4) To set an example for humanity.4

Although much has been written and can be said about all of the above objectives, at this time, let's turn our attention, as much as possible within this circumscribed format to the fourth of the above objectives—possible because the Hierarchy is composed of those who have trodden the very same way that humanity treads today.

These Teachers Whom we refer to as the Hierarchy or as the Supermundane World have triumphed over matter; they have surmounted every difficulty with which each human being is faced as he/she travels the path of return, through the cave of matter, ever spurred on by the breaking Light. Knowing first hand the quintessence of pain and the depths of suffering, which is ever the experience of those who struggle between the polarities of spirit and matter, the Hierarchy of Teachers is able to provide guidance and beacons of light for those who seek deep answers to life's mysteries.

Aware of the Greater Plan of this Hierarchy of Light, Love and Power, esoteric schools that seek to fit their students for the Great Work of cooperation with the Supermundane World emphasize the three pillars of meditative thought, study of the sacred teachings and service. Such has always been the way of initiation into more inclusive states of consciousness and such continues to be the way.

Quoting from the Old Commentary in the second volume of the book, Esoteric Psychology, the Tibetan Master offers inspiration and hope to every Aspirant and Disciple who thus seeks to cooperate: "Therefore be full of joy, O pilgrim on the Way towards enlightened Being, for gain and loss are one; darkness and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life. Naught disappears but pain. Nothing remains but bliss—the bliss of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way of God." (pp.33-34)

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