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Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2007 No. 3 & 4
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December 2007

Dear Friends, Co-workers and Readers of the Diamond Light,

It is with pleasure and joy that we send you this last issue of the Diamond Light for the 2007 year and with gratitude the Aquarian Age Community celebrates ten years of service.

From the beginning, the Aquarian Age Community has sought to emphasize the vision, promise and possibilities of the Age of Aquarius. As we have been writing, the New Age calls for a focus on the livingness of the indwelling spiritual nature, on "Life more abundant" and on the spiritualization of substance so that, in the words of the Agni Yoga wisdom, the sciences of the Spirit will be acknowledged and studied in the same way that the sciences of the material/physical dimension have heretofore been studied. In the words of the Tibetan Master, "the rules whereby the Hierarchy may be reached …must become equally well known to the average person; the objectives of the hierarchical work must be emphasised and the nature of the divine Plan unfolded so that purpose and goal may be presented to humanity."1

Through the many activities and issues of the Diamond Light we have pointed to the waning Piscean Age of materialism, possession and authority, which is slowly giving way to the age of spirituality, intuition and universal consciousness. Belief in the Soul is being superseded by knowledge of the Soul. However, as we know, the potential of the Soul and therefore of the Age of Aquarius must be actualized.

Thus, over the past ten years, along with the vision, we have also sought to focus on the techniques and principles by which the vision may be realized. In reverent service to the Teachings offered by the Great Masters as presented within the books authored by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and the Agni Yoga Society, we have sought to inspire a commitment to the practice of the Sciences of Service, Meditation and the Antahkarana, the Rules of Harmlessness (see enclosed Reply Slip) and an understanding of such Cosmic Laws as the Law of Loving Understanding (see, for example, Diamond Light 2002, No.1).

This Teaching, on which this work is based and which we seek to serve and advance, is referred to in the Agni Yoga Wisdom as the saving rope in the mountains, as rich silver ore, and as the prized pearl, providing for those who seek to transform it into a daily necessity, a "ladder of ascent."2

With the utmost of effort, striving and discipline, with deepened love for humanity and the planet and a decentralized attitude towards personality reactions, with your support and participation, the Aquarian Age Community seeks to play its part in cooperatively creating the "Radiant Way" of Joy and Resurrection through the following activities:

Publishes the Diamond Light newsletter, which is mailed to over 50 countries and also electronically circulated by co-workers and posted on-line;
Provides materials to all who request them through the Diamond Light Reply Slip, including meditation outlines, emphasizing the principles of the New Age;
Disseminates a monthly e-letter/report about the meditation initiative, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." This letter is translated into Spanish and often into Portuguese and monthly reaches a circulation of over 12,000 co-workers throughout the world;
Holds monthly Solar Festival Meditation Meetings at the United Nations with the aim of recognizing, strengthening and supporting the spiritual work of the United Nations, which is pivotal to the Plan of Light, Love and Power;
Cooperates with other groups and organizations, to organize and hold regular public seminars, including a yearly World Invocation Day program within the United Nations since 2004 and making the transcripts available on-line;
Develops and continuously updates and enhances the Aquarian Age Community website, which has been visited by seekers in over 124 countries;
Hosts an on-line discussion forum on the meditation initiative, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity";
Works with the United Nations Department of Public Inquiries to create and publish the brochure on "Room for Meditation at the United Nations," which was not ready at the time of this mailing, but which will be sent to you with the next issue of the Diamond Light;
Cooperates with spiritual seekers at the United Nations to bring understanding about the Plan of Light, Love and Power and encourages recognition of the truly spiritual nature of the United Nations' goals and objectives as set forth within the founding Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Keenly aware that conditions on our planet must change before humanity can move into its next phase of evolutionary development, our small group of unpaid, part-time volunteers has been devoting more time, resources and energy to "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity" initiative. Therefore, in the future, as this year, we will send out the Diamond Light in the spring, summer and winter—instead of quarterly.

As ever, we welcome your feedback about this work, which cannot go forward without your support and generous financial contributions. If you value this work and see its need for our times, we call on you to help us shoulder the urgent needs and just demands of the form side of the above-mentioned activities. To those of you who have given in the past, and to those who regularly give, we heartily and gratefully thank you. You have made the work of the past ten years possible. Together, we can further electrify and beautify the Radiant Way of Joy and Resurrection!

If it is more convenient, visit us on-line where you can make secure, and if possible, regular credit card contributions. All financial sums are appreciated; whether the sum is large or small, if given with a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual need, it can act as a magnetic seed, attracting the needed monetary flow.

We leave you with our heartfelt wishes for a joyous and sacred holiday season and a blessed New Year,

1 The Rays and the Initiations, Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust, © 1988, pp. 133-134
2 Aum, par. 273, Agni Yoga Society, New York, 1936