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2007 No. 3 & 4
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The Sciences of the New Age:
The Sciences of the Antahkarana, Meditation and Service
By Susan MacNeil, Ph.D.
We have now laid the ground for a consideration of the three sciences which will dominate the thought of educators in the coming age. The building and the development of the antahkarana, the development of the power to control life and to work white magic through the science of meditation, and also the science of service whereby group control and group relationship are fostered and developed-these are the three fundamental sciences which will guide the psychologist and the educator of the future.1

Science is a formalized structured approach to knowledge, a systematic study through observation and experiment. This is how we approach the building of the antahkarana, meditation, and service. Defined by Webster's dictionary, "science" is simply "possession of knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding." This triad of activity: the science of the antahkarana—bridging the higher to the lower; the science of meditation—the scientific use of the mind; and, the science of service—the technique of at-one-ment, are clearly interrelated, and as progress occurs in one, so progress is experienced in the other two.

We are told by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, that the science of the antahkarana will someday be known as the science of invocation and evocation. It is in actuality the science of magnetic rapport and produces a relationship between the personality and soul and between the soul and monad or Spiritual Triad. Our goal in building the antahkarana or bridge is to link humanity to the higher energy centers of Hierarchy and Shamballa, and thereby allowing the inflowing energies of revelation to follow; thus, creating a continuity of consciousness or light manifestation. Pursuing the construction of the bridge in order to help others pursue it is a great service towards human evolution.

In studying the science of the antahkarana we learn certain fundamental truths: This science links groups and nations to the world of ideas and therefore to each other and eventually links humanity and the Hierarchy. The threefold thread, constituting the antahkarana, consists of the life thread, which comes directly from the monad or the One, and is anchored in the heart, the consciousness thread, which comes directly from the soul, anchored in the head, and the thread of creative activity, which comes from humanity itself, anchored in the throat. To understand these truths we may view the antahkarana in two ways, through self-unfoldment, and through service to the Plan of Light and Love and Power.

The method towards self-unfoldment is accomplished by utilizing the mind through esoteric or creative meditation. This form of meditation invokes and evokes energies from our higher nature. Scientists now acknowledge that "energy follows thought," and esoteric meditation is a means of channeling the energies from the lower to the higher and the higher to the lower. We learn how to handle these energies through stages of alignment, mental activity, intention, holding the mind steady in the light, visualization, projection, and utilizing a seed thought as an organizing principal that connects us to the creative imagination and increases the inflow of the loving energy from the soul. The seed thought acts as a springboard, expanding ideas as we align with the plane of soul. The purpose of esoteric meditation is to be in rapport with the soul and to link the threefold integrated personality via the soul, to the Spiritual Triad.

Through training, meditation becomes a way of life, as well as a planetary service that includes the entire process of evolutionary development within the planet. We also understand meditation as a group endeavour because the habit of meditation increases evolutionary and spiritual growth, both for the individual and the group, helping to usher in the Plan of Light, Love and Power. As we meditate, we experience Oneness and community builds.

Service is the relationship to divine impulse, the path to purification and redemption. As we engage in service we are sowing the seeds that will yield right human relations. This science of service is also considered one of the major laws of the Aquarian Age. It was perfectly and powerfully expressed and demonstrated 2000 years ago by the Christ, the forerunner of the Aquarian Age. Does not the habit of service come naturally when the heart is open? Through the compassionate recognition of human need, we strengthen our own service activities; additionally, through the conscious practice of service, we magnetize the flow of energy towards Purpose. Increasingly recognized as a creative world science, service advances the full freedom of the human soul.

We cannot avoid the difficult world conditions confronting all of humanity. These must be healed. These sciences give us the tools for invoking and evoking the divine consciousness that will allow us to do that, thus helping humanity to build the new world of tomorrow.

1 Education in the New Age, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, 1982, p. 97