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Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2007 No. 1
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By Human Hands and Human Feet
the Temple Will be Built
Life has been turned into trade, but who of the Teachers of Life has ever been a shopkeeper? You know the great symbol of driving the moneychangers out of the Temple; but is not Earth itself a Temple? Is not Maha Meru the foot of the Summit of Spirit? Thus one can indicate the predestined Summits to the inhabitants of Earth.1

In the above quote, the Agni Yoga teachings call attention to the fact that the earth is destined to become a sacred planet—and this destiny will only be realized as a result of the striving and labor of humanity.

Maha Meru is a Sanskrit term literally meaning the greatest (Maha) top of the top (Meru). Hindu mythology refers to Mount Meru as the sacred mountain, which is the abode of the gods. Planet Earth itself is to become such an abode, if humanity but will come to the realization of its own sacred calling, understanding then the concept of the "Summit of Spirit."

In the New Era Community, published by the Agni Yoga Society, this same thought is once more affirmed: "Verily, the Earth is to be saved by earthly hands, and the Heavenly Forces are sending the best manna; but if ungathered, it is transformed into dew." (53)

It is interesting to note that the Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths refers to the "Temple of God" as "a symbol of the causal-body, or of the higher mental condition in which the universal consciousness is brought into relationship with the highest forces, and where it becomes possible for all minds to unite in harmony as one." And, the fifth definition for the word "Temple" in Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language 1989 is "any place or object in which God dwells."

Planet Earth—a sacred planet and the Temple of an initiated Humanity who has realized the relationship between God-Immanent and God-Transcendent. Can we imagine this? Dare we contemplate Earth as a station of Light, of service not only to our solar system but to the seven systems of which our solar system is one—as has been prophesied? Can we strive and labor for this realization? Can we envisage the day when the majority of human beings are inspired to cultivate their unique talents and skills for the Common Good, working to heal the cleavages extant everywhere, working as care-takers of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms below, while in constant communion with the "far-off worlds"?

The Initiates, disciples and spiritual workers of the planet have a special responsibility in this Labor of the Ages. They are the vanguard and they pave the way. They indicate the vision, set an example and emphasize the ancient landmarks. In meditative communion with the Guides and Helpers of the race, who can be found in the realms of higher consciousness, theirs is the responsibility to manifest the universal consciousness of which they are aware, making it thus possible for all minds to unite in harmony as one—as the above definition for the "Temple of God" indicates.

In his 11th Letter in the book, Letters on Occult Meditation, the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, provides some guiding wisdom on the "Resultant Life of Service" that should follow the practice of meditation: "Much tuition comes to many these days, but it is for the use of a needy world, and not for their own exclusive benefit."2

Within this same Letter he addresses the motives for service, giving highest priority to the need to sense "the world's dire need," to apprehend the immediate point of world attainment, and to consequently throw the total of one's resources into the furtherance of the Plan of Love and Light.

Summing up the contents of the Letter, this Master Teacher enjoins the sacrifice of the personal self for the good of the One Self; he calls for the wise control of the personality and discrimination in work and time, while demonstrating complete dispassion, and a growing love of the unseen and the real—all to be consummated through the steady practice of occult meditation.

The selfish materialistic tendencies we see today on the part of individuals and groups within all the nations of the world can only be offset by the Initiates, disciples and spiritual workers who can exemplify the countering spiritual qualities of magnetic, constructive and pure love. Only as humanity recognizes its spiritual roots and heritage of Brotherhood within the Great White Lodge that has sought to increase the reservoir of Goodness on Planet Earth from the beginning of time, so the resplendent Temple will be built—by human hands and human feet.

1 Fiery World I, (83), Agni Yoga Society.
1 Letters on Occult Meditation, Alice Bailey, Lucis Publishing Co., 1978, p. 343.