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2006 No. 3
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Self-Perfectment and Self-Mastery
Steadily the unfolding purpose of our own souls (those "angels of persistent and undying love") should gain fuller and deeper control over each of us.1

Three axioms presented by the Ageless Wisdom bring understanding and perspective to the disciple's compelling urge to strive towards self-mastery and self-perfectment: 1) energy is in constant motion and always circulating; 2) all forms in the solar system are interdependent, interconnected and part of a Whole; and, 3) the basis of brotherhood is a scientific fact, born of the first two axioms, additionally explaining the as yet misunderstood science of astrology.

These basic truths coupled with the fact that increased light ever reveals the imperfect, or the "dross," renders the aspirant and the disciple dissatisfied with what is. As recollection and recognition of the Whole becomes increasingly more vibrant and magnetic, so the dissatisfaction grows and the gripping need to achieve identification and at-one-ment becomes an all-consuming objective.

Thus, the aspirant and the disciple become engaged in the long process of attempting self-perfectment and self-mastery, a process carried on throughout many life times. This self-mastery is the mastery of the lower self—the personality, the form or vehicle through which the Higher Self, the Ego or Soul—that fraction of the Whole—seeks expression and manifestation.

One of the methods by which the Ageless Wisdom encapsulates this aeonian process is to refer to humanity's passage through the Hall of Ignorance, the Hall of Learning and the Hall of Wisdom: "In the Hall of Ignorance, the form controls and the material side of things has the predominance. Man is there polarized in the personality or lower self. In the Hall of Learning the higher self, or Ego [or Soul], strives to dominate that form until gradually a point of equilibrium is reached where the man is controlled entirely by neither. Later, the Ego controls more and more, until in the Hall of Wisdom it dominates in the three lower worlds, and in increasing degree the inherent divinity assumes mastery."2

The attainment of mastery over the various forms of matter through which the disciple expresses him/herself, is marked by stages in the expansion of consciousness, also known as initiations. Each successive initiation indicates that the channel between the higher and the lower is widened, allowing more of the energy of the Whole to reach the disciple, resulting in increasing identification with that Whole. More can be seen and known and "Life more abundant" is understood and experienced.

Thus, the indwelling spiritual element gains expression in the three worlds and in so doing, it redeems, spiritualizes or purifies the substance through which it manifests.

As each human being attends to this process, that which is above is literally brought into that which is below. Allowing for the free-flowing circulation of all energies, humanity then can cooperatively aid in the manifestation of the Plan of Love and Light so that planet Earth can achieve its goal of becoming a sacred planet.

The development of virtues, the cultivation of understanding, the demonstration of good character and high aims, and the expression of an ethical and moral point of view are all necessary fundamentals in this process of striving towards self-mastery because these efforts will "clear our vision." They produce the purification of the vehicles, allowing for the discrimination between the Real and the unreal and a recognition of what was previously unknown and invisible. The "permanent pure, blissful Self" will be recognized, bringing liberation from the previously imprisoning sheaths, resulting in knowledge and experience of the higher dimensions.

In the book, Agni Yoga, published by the Agni Yoga Society, this wisdom is referred to as a process of incessant, untiring striving, labour and perpetual vigilance. It is likened to the honing of a perfect piece of art, which additionally allows for the mastering of the invisible: "A yogi in his labors is like a stonecutter, or a goldsmith fashioning the most delicate work. ... Likewise, a yogi can pierce the signs of human intent that are invisible to others. He strives toward that which is usually invisible, and learns to discern the real causes of events. Experience gained through alertness is the yogi's. ... Thus, through incessant labor, he unites the separate worlds and affirms the realization of all that exists." (Sutra 226)

As in the achievement of any great accomplishment, sacrifices are required, for always, we must let go of the lesser in order to achieve the greater: "each step up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary."3 Thus, by use and care, the power of the spiritual light grows and waxes until, eventually, the Soul achieves dominion.

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