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2006 No. 3
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The Struggle Between Good and Evil in the Age of Aquarius
Free will engenders a cause of a cosmic current, and the current of evil or the current of good will be chosen by the spirit through free will, expressed by everyday actions. Thus, on the path to the Fiery World comparison of the currents of good and evil gives the impulse for pure striving.1

The duality of good versus evil has been expressed in some form or another, by many cultures throughout time. For example, in the originally Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which historians and religious scholars generally date between 1500 and 1000 BCE, and which lasted as a state religion until 7th Century CE, the world was seen as a battle ground between the god of good and the god of evil.

The "Contest of the Soul" was crystallized in Europe, in the year 405 CE by the Christian poet, Aurelius Clemens Prudentius who wrote "Psychomachia," the first completely allegorical poem in European literature, which immensely influenced the Middle Ages. This epic poem, wherein the seven virtues ultimately defeat seven vices helped spread the concept of "Holy Virtue" throughout Europe and the need to protect oneself against temptation from the seven deadly sins.

Modern esotericism as put forth in the books of the Agni Yoga Society and the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, indicate that there are factors present in the battle between evil and good, which are so deeply esoteric and hidden from the understanding of even the most advanced human being that a full comprehension of this struggle and battle will remain a mystery until the evolutionary process awakens the consciousness more fully and human beings can more truly discriminate and see beyond the glamour and illusion that now holds them captive and enthralled.

However, while underlining the fact that evil has its roots in cosmic realities and that complete mastery over evil is not possible until the 6th initiation of expanded and inclusive consciousness (most of humanity is preparing only for the first initiation), the Tibetan Master does emphasize humanity's pivotal role in this cosmic struggle. On behalf of the Great Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom, he calls upon humanity to "seal the door where evil dwells." As he explains, it is human weakness and selfishness that keep the conflict between good and evil alive: "the 'door where evil dwells' is kept open by humanity through its selfish desire, its hatreds and its separateness, by its greed and its racial and national barriers, its low personal ambitions and its love of power and cruelty."2

The Agni Yoga wisdom also accentuates the critical nature of humanity's correct choices in this age-old struggle during this significant, transitional time in the earth's evolution: "unless balance is established between the evolutionary and the devolutionary human striving, it will be impossible to establish a higher step. The center of evolution creates balance, and the center of human thought violates it. Therefore, during the epoch of unbalance between good and evil, prior to the epoch of Satya Yuga, humanity must show exactitude of direction." [Infinity I (230)]

Reverberating throughout history, the grave and timeless question is how to diminish, offset and gain victory over the forces of evil? How can humanity "seal the door where evil dwells" and move forward the Plan of Love and Light?

The resounding answer is the establishment of the Good! Evil can be eradicated only by good. As simple as this truth is, it is yet not well understood. Aggression and attack are yet the prevalent methods by which even spiritually oriented people proceed. The good that lies within humanity is not consistently expressed. It yet remains inactive and its power is not yet fully recognized. With commitment and intention, "the exactitude of direction" towards the Common Good must be embraced more fully and consistently.

The Tibetan Master affirms this necessity: "As goodwill and light stream forth into the minds and hearts of men, these evil qualities and these directed energies which keep the door of evil open will give place to a longing for right human relations, to a determination to create a better and more peaceful world and to a worldwide expression of the will-to-good. As these qualities supersede the old and undesirable ones, the door where evil dwells will symbolically slowly close through the sheer weight of public opinion and through right human desire." (Discipleship in the New Age Vol. II, p. 174)

In our shared journey towards the Age of Aquarius, let each of us recognize Good as a most active, vital, inexhaustible, invincible principle and seek out every opportunity for its radiation and expression, remembering that whereas evil is finite and limited, Good is boundless and infinite.

1 Fiery World III (126), Agni Yoga Society.
2 Discipleship in the New Age, Vo. II, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Co., 1955, pp. 173-174.