Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2006 No. 1
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The Externalization Process and Group Work

There seems to be a common difficulty among esoterically-based groups—that is, groups of aspirants who wish to work in conscious cooperation with the Hierarchy of Loving Wisdom—in bridging the gap between the group's Soul intention and right, practical action in the three worlds of daily life, in which we all must—enlightened or not—operate in physical-emotional bodies. The synthesized group life-form Alice Bailey wrote so much about exists only on the plane on which the higher mind is focused; that is, the intuitional plane. The group-mind differentiates as its energy passes down through the lower three planes into the multiple individual personality life-forms, who express the group life through separated but coordinated physical, emotional and mental energy patterns in time and space, or "life-traces".

So what is the goal for an enlightened group? That the "life-traces" of the individual daily lives of the lower selves pledged intuitionally—or at least aspirationally—to a group's intention would be so coordinated, even if they are separated physically by thousands of miles or emotionally by diametrically differing temperaments, that, if there were some way to sum those individual life-traces together, or juxtapose them just so, they would reveal a beautiful, harmonious symbol, or an abstract tapestry, that perfectly expresses that group's intention.

If this shared group intention is pure, it will be recognizable only on the intuitional plane, wherein it could be telepathically and identically validated by all of the individual group members who can attain to that level of consciousness. However, for many, if not most groups, this intuitive, telepathic rapport is not yet possible.

Yasuhiko Genko Kimura captures the essence of this problem in his paper, "Alignment Beyond Agreement,"1 as the following passage indicates:

Alignment is congruence of intention, whereas agreement is congruence of opinion. Opinion is a supposition elevated to the status of a conclusion held to be right but not substantiated by positive proof. Alignment does not require agreement as a necessary condition. Inherent in alignment is the spirit of quest.

In an alignment-based organization or movement, disagreement among participants does not diminish but rather enhances the power of the alignment and its synergetic impact. Plurality and diversity of ideas and views, united in shared intention, mutually enrich one another toward the achievement of an end. In an agreement-based organization or movement, on the other hand, disagreement among participants often leads to internal strife, divisive politics, splitting into cliques, or eventual demise.

People who differ in their opinions can align in their intentions.

Yasuhiko goes on to explain how this can be done so as to achieve a "higher level of thinking than the level of thinking on which the problem in question was created," that thought so often attributed to Albert Einstein. Of course, as we know, often from painful experience, even stating what the problem is, more often than not, is itself a matter of opinion. I would submit that this is because most people, when stating a problem, already have in mind what they believe to be the solution. It is invariably at best only a partial solution, and any problem-solving attempt by a group of such people is doomed to failure. What is needed, instead, is not to focus on the problem, but on the process of externalizing perfection, because perfection is the absence of problems as opposed to the solution to problems.

The process of externalizing perfection can only be performed through alignment of thought and attention on that state of our Universal System of which it is impossible to speak in human language. Opinion will always enter in at the personality level, when the individual has to decide from one moment to the next, what to say and how to act. Within the human kingdom, this is the reality and it has to be accepted. But if a group of thinkers can open their hearts and minds to impression from the intuitive plane, the lowest plane on which some aspect of the synergetic perfection of the human group life-form can be apprehended, and if each individual strives to base his opinion—that is, that which all of his words and deeds necessarily express—on his highest possible conception of the perfection idea rather than on what is right versus wrong from the personality perspective, his life-traces will be guaranteed to co-mingle with those of his group brothers in such a way that goodness, beauty and truth will manifest.

Let us therefore align in intention, banish agreement from our expectations and vocabulary, and use discrimination only in the service of alignment and never in the formation of critical judgment or opinion.