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2005 No. 3
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Creating an Enlightened Public Opinion
Of one fundamental truth I can, however, assure you. When men everywhere-within the boundaries of their particular state and whilst upholding its authority and its civilisation-begin to think in terms of mankind, then public opinion will become so potent and so right in its inclusiveness that state policies must inevitably conform to the larger ideal, and the sacrifice of the individual and of humanity in large numbers to the individual state will no longer be possible. The part will be seen in its proper relation to the larger whole. It is this arousing of public opinion to world rights, to inclusive human interests and to international cooperation that is the true goal of all present spiritual endeavour. Eventually it will be realised that the responsibility for what governments do rests squarely upon the shoulders of the individual citizens who put governments in their position of power.*
  1. The primary controlling factor in creating and enlightened public opinion is harmlessness in thought, word and deed. Harmlessness is an active principle, which works out in right thought, based on intelligent love, right speech, governed by self-control, and right action, founded on an understanding of the Spiritual Law. Ultimately, the practice of harmlessness leads to the expression of the Soul consciousness in the day-to-day life.
  2. Next, is the refusal to think unkindly or with criticism. Thus, vigilance of thought is of paramount importance. Each kind and helpful thought produces beautiful vibrations, while an "an evil one strews Earth with deadly dross." [Supermundane I (213), Agni Yoga Society]. Use the following gatekeepers to weed out destructive thoughts: Is the thought based in love of the whole? Is it kind? Is it true?
  3. Take up "the armor of personal responsibility"; The Buddha taught: pay not attention to what others do or don't do; instead, pay attention to what you do or don't do. Live your life according to the way you would like others to live. Practice the Golden Rule: treat others, as you would like them to treat you.
  4. The violent vibrations of our surroundings must be stilled by a strong counter vibration of love; it is not erratic efforts that count; it is the long-sustained persistent expression of the energies of Love-Wisdom that eventually will eliminate the walls of separativeness.
  5. Practice silence, which allows for sensitivity and receptivity to the Voice of the Soul—that spark of consciousness within every human being.
  6. Still the turbulence within the emotional body and eliminate within yourself all traces of those qualities that would hinder the full expression of the Soul. Each person must discover for oneself wherein he/she yields most easily to violent, harmful vibrations, such as fear, worry, hatred, discouragement, irritability, anger and criticalness. Then, he/she must overcome that vibration by imposing on the personal life, a new rhythm, definitely eliminative and constructive. Remember that there is no transmutation of energies without the tension of the will.**

* The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice Bailey, c1957, Lucis Publishing Co., pp. 219-220.
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