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2005 No. 2
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How Can The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Help the United Nations and Humanity Achieve Better Standards of Life in Larger Freedom?*

That well noted and oft-quoted scientist, Albert Einstein, brought to the attention of humanity the esoteric principle that states: a problem can never be solved at the level at which it was created. This same truth was taught by the Buddha and later became enshrined in the Sanatana Dharma: hatred is not ended by hatred, but by love. In other words, it is only when we are able to draw the larger circle, when we can elevate or transform our consciousness beyond the immediate confrontations and dichotomies, that we can resolve dissension and conflict.

The process by which this occurs, has been known and taught throughout time and by all cultures in the ancient Mystery Schools as well as in today's esoteric traditions. The good news is that whereas in the past this esoteric spiritual science was taught to only the select few; today, this science is available to all who are interested and willing to undergo the necessary discipline.

It might here be helpful to recall that such commonplace disciplines as chemistry, geometry, music and medicine were once the purview of the ancient Mystery Schools. Hippocrates, for example, was one of the Wisdom Teachers of the Ancient Mystery School of Asklepios and the Hippocratic oath was but a mystic obligation. Pythagoras was also such a Wise Teacher who was exiled from his homeland because he sought to teach, what in his day, were considered revolutionary esoteric spiritual principles. These very same principles today form the basic postulates of geometry.

So, today, the significant and life-altering relationship between spirituality, science and consciousness is slowly gaining acceptance and understanding.

For example, a search in the on-line bookstore, Amazon, yields 4070 books on the subject of Consciousness and 569 under the theme of "Science and Spirituality." Among the many universities that focus on a study of consciousness, the University of Arizona houses a "Center of Consciousness Studies" and in April of 2006 this Center will hold its seventh biennial conference entitled, "Toward a Science of Consciousness."

Additionally, within the network of the United Nations, UNESCO is also exploring these interrelated fields of Spirituality, Science and Consciousness. For example, in 1994 UNESCO sponsored the conference, held in Auroville, India entitled: "Humanity at the Crossroads: Evolution of Consciousness." And, just last year UNESCO began the project entitled, "Consciousness Reframed 2004: Qi and Complexity." As UNESCO explains, this is a forum for development in the field of art, technology and consciousness.

Thus, we can see evidence everywhere that the prophecy put forth in the Ageless Esoteric Wisdom is coming true: science is finally exploring dimensions of the non-material world and we are beginning to move from a belief in the world of the Soul and Spirituality to knowledge of this higher dimension of consciousness. Humanity is awakening to its higher potential and destiny.

As one of the leading Transcendentalists of his day, Ralph Waldo Emerson said it most succinctly, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters to what lies within us." And, as the UN's second Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskj÷ld has said, "We can only succeed in achieving world peace if there is a spiritual renaissance on this planet."

The spiritual esoteric wisdom attests to humanity's potential to experience seven levels of consciousness—each one more inclusive and enlightened than the last, which can be aggregated into the three levels of (1) personal, (2) Soul/Group or Planetary, and (3) Cosmic Consciousness.

Indeed, if each of us reading this text were aligned with Planetary, Group or Soul Consciousness, how could we witness the harm and suffering and trauma of others and not experience it as our own? How could we rest until solutions for the afflictions of humanity were found? How could we not make the achievement of better standards of life in larger freedom—for all the world's people; the priority of our lives?

The Charter of the UN, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Millennium Declaration, and Secretary-General Kofi Annan's recent report, In Larger Freedom—all refer to that essentially spiritual attribute of Freedom.

Freedom—the esoteric spiritual wisdom tells us—underlies the entire evolutionary process. It has survived eons of opposition from the principle of enslaving selfishness and it is at the heart of the many conflicts and wars that we see being waged all around us.

As all spiritual Teachers have taught and as we know, humanity must be free—free and liberated from all, which would enslave and oppress the indwelling spiritual essence. It is this basic purpose, which is at the source of today's focus and concern with freedom and only as humanity achieves a scientific understanding of consciousness can this truly be understood and attained.

*Adapted from a talk given at the Seminar of this name at the United Nations on 26 May 2005. For a copy of all the available transcripts and a summary of the Seminar, please see the reply slip.