Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2005 No. 2
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Cooperating With the Supermundane World-the Hierarchy of Love, Light and Wisdom
To each one is entrusted the finding of the path to the higher sphere… Only by one's own hand, only by one's own will, only by one's own striving, only by one's own work can the spirit become a conscious co-worker of the Infinite.
Infinity I (33), Agni Yoga Society

The best way to serve the Hierarchy of Light, Love and Wisdom, in these trying days, is to first understand the process that is taking place on the planet. The Being using the planet as His Body, is undergoing an expansion of consciousness. This implies that the strength, and quality of the frequency coursing through His etheric or quantum web, is being stepped up. Humanity is functioning as cells in this Body, and is thereby experiencing the same quickening as a whole, and also down to the individual level. This Cosmic Fire, acts as an alchemical fire, and stimulates both the positive and negative tendencies of Humanity. The process causes a certain amount of dross to come up to the surface. This dross is very obvious these days. Understanding that these impurities must come up, in order for the gold to be purified, is essential to understanding world events. Without this understanding, there is a tendency to feel defeated by the apparent darkness engulfing the Planet.

What needs to be done is to maintain a positive attitude, and resist fighting against the process. On a personal level, it is imperative to keep a loving heart. Just as whole countries appear to be misguided, many individuals will experience the higher frequencies in a distorted manner. The mental health of many individuals is deteriorating, due to the inability of their etheric bodies to process the higher frequencies. By correspondence, their nervous systems are overloaded. Due to the Church of Materialism's control over the climate, media, education, health institutions and food industries, the bodies and minds of the masses, are ill prepared for this incoming energy. There is a great need for education in all these departments. Great support is needed toward all the organizations that are promoting alternatives to the great lies being told. A great many people are looking for guidance, and guided they must be. Every individual server must accept him or herself as s/he is now, and apply him or herself to the task at hand. There is no more time to spend focusing on one's differences. Only by Unity, will the Golden Age manifest. Affirming Victory on a daily level, and in all walks of life, is a truly Magical act, that will allow the already won Victory in the Subtle World, to manifest sooner. Brotherhood must be the thought uniting all, into a group Fiery Heart. Only then will peace become a reality.

Feelings of futility must be cast aside. These are only illusions, perpetuated by the Dark Brothers on the lower mental plane. They must be recognized as such. Fear must be overcome by the realization that never before, have we been so close to winning the battle. As a matter of fact it has already been won. The sealing of the Door is almost complete. It takes courage to say "NO". No to apathy and cynicism, as they seem like much easier paths to follow for some. Still there will be no sitting on the fences in theses times. "Grow or burn" is the motto.

The Fiery Heart is developed through a lot of tears. Always by sacrificing the lower for the higher. Always by facing one's deepest fears, and opening one's heart, until it feels as though it can open no more. But, more than anything, it is developed by service, and faith in the Hierarchy. Without faith in the Shield of the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom, the heart shrivels against the apparently insurmountable odds facing the Disciple. The Fiery Heart is developed in the greatest battle: the battle for self-mastery.

Cooperation with the Supermundane World is first achieved, by believing in its existence. It is actually a world that we know much better that this mundane world. We originate from the Supermundane World, and each one of us has made an agreement, while being there, to come here and play a part in this critical time period. Some of us have forgotten this commitment, but we are nevertheless fulfilling it. How much more effective could we be if more intention and mindfulness could be brought to this task? By consciously, and with a clean heart, commanding the armies of Angels, who are just awaiting such command, to participate in this great battle for the souls of men, we perform a great service. Not only for humanity, but also for the planet and the whole Hierarchy of Angels, who themselves grow by serving Humanity when they are called. It is a Cosmic Law that the Angelic Kingdom, must respond to the call of the Fiery Hearts.