Diamond Light
Newsletter of the Aquarian Age Community
2005 No. 1
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How Can We Develop a Fiery Heart to Fit Ourselves for the Great Service?
Gudrun S. Weber

The danger in esoteric work can easily manifest when the mind develops before the heart has adequately unfolded. The mind divides and separates. The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, has said that his early groups failed because of the under-activity of the heart centers of the members. Today, when we look around, we see glaring examples of the need for the application of the fiery heart. How therefore, can we develop a fiery heart? That is, how can we move to open our hearts more fully and collectively so as to fit ourselves for the Great Service?

The great task before the world-wide esoteric community is to unite spirit and matter in consciousness without falling into separation. The words about uniting head and heart must become a factual experience. This calls forth courage without shrinking from what The Tibetan Master has called the "villainy of each" while not loosing sight of love. (See, Rule Number II in The Six Rules of the Path in the book, Glamour: A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey, p. 50

In his writings about Lucifer and Ahriman, Rudolf Steiner warned of overreaching towards the "light" (of spirit) at the expense of the "darkness" (of matter). The world is full of such examples of imbalance.

The "fiery heart" is born out of acknowledging and taking responsibility for the 'unredeemed' material aspects of ourselves: to embrace them, bring them to light, learn to understand them and gradually transform them through the power of the Soul. The "under-activity of the heart centers" is perhaps due to a lack of understanding what the ancient alchemical process of transmutation in the cauldron of daily experience entails. We read and study but do we understand that the "kingdom of God within" us is to be taken literally; that "tat tvam asi" is not just an empty phrase?

Peace and the open heart arise out of the state of heart/mind in which there is no more need to project upon what is perceived as "other"—be it nature, individuals, races, religions, nations, humanity or deity; it is a state of being as well as a process during which we find and loose and find and loose until all "lead" is transmuted into "gold". This process must take place in the heart-mind, that inner space where we sense, and feel, and can know in the light of the soul—know not selectively, but in an all-encompassing manner both light and dark; where pain and suffering meet face to face with light and love, where the tension of the opposites (in the fullest meaning) is not evaded but known, and through an act of surrender transformed into joy. Surrender to a Higher Will becomes a necessity. Where the mystical and the occult meet, the fiery heart is born. We call it the Yoga of Synthesis.

It may be argued that these thoughts belong more to transpersonal psychology than anything esoteric. Yet as long as the individual has not yet reached the stage of Master, it seems unwise for esotericists to dismiss the psychological processes involved in giving birth to the "fiery heart". "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" we were commanded by Jesus the Christ. The challenge to love ourselves cannot be evaded; as we learn what that entails, compassion is born for our fellow human beings who struggle as well—each at their own individual level of unfoldment. There is room for all in the fiery heart, which is both a process and a state of being—psychologically and esoterically. This process also includes an element of grace, which is beyond words.

Cooperation with Hierarchy flows naturally out of the fiery and open heart. Today, the veil is thinning and we are called to focus on, to sense, to feel, to experience the inner touch, to listen to and heed the inner call. This is NOT an esoteric abstraction but a vitally alive process symbolized for me by an even-armed cross with the opened rose at the center. The Age of the Great Mother is the age of the fiery heart.

Come with me to the edge of the mind-field
where beyond the noise of daily life
the veil has thinned and vibrant Life is calling the soul
where lives touch each other
in the language of the Heart,
where I meet myself in you.