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_____ Diamond Light Newsletter, 2005 No.1; _____ List of Available Back Issues
_____ Compilation of "Aquarian Age/New Age" from the books of Alice A. Bailey—Please specify your choice:
_____ Volume I (27pages) _____ Volume II (67 pages)
_____ Meditation Outlines-Please specify which one(s) you would like:
_____ Invoking and Expressing the Energies of the Aquarian Age; _____ Attracting Money for Spiritual Purposes
_____ Preparation For the Reappearance of the World Teacher; _____ The United Nations & the Liberation of Humanity
_____ The United Nations & the Liberation of Humanity-in Spanish
_____ "Water of Life Am I, Poured Forth for Thirsty Men"—Explanatory Meaning for the Age of Aquarius
_____ The Advancing Planetary Spiritual Teacher—flyer
_____ What Can I do to Support the Work of the UN?—flyer; _____ Add my e-mail address to receive monthly e-letters about the United Nations and the monthly meditation meetings to support and strengthen "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." My e-mail address:_______________________________________
_____ "Hierarchy and the Fiery Heart—the Way of the Future; Cooperating with the Supermundane World"—Transcripts of a Roundtable. Held 23 January 2005, with Responses and Contributions from Friends Around the World.
_____ Awakening the Inner Wisdom & Cosmic Images—10 Greeting Cards/Envelopes. Cosmic photographs taken with the Hubble Telescope; Include quotations from the books of the Agni Yoga Society. $12.00-includes postage. Please make checks payable to Aquarian Age Community OR Credit Cards are now accepted on-line.
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