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Man, Who Art Thou?

Etta D. Jackson 1

We are uniquely positioned at the dawning of a new reality marked by the advent of this New Age of Aquarius, one which demands more of us than ever before. The potential which we carry for expressing the fullness of our lives on this planet is fast unfolding itself.

It will not be our discoveries in space which will bring us our grandest revelations but it will be the journey within. We will discover that the wonders of the above and the without are as vast and glorious as those below and within.

Man, the crowning act of all creation, will discover what it is to be both human and divine. He will discover why he chose to embark on the adventure of self-discovery into matter eons ago. Man who has lived in the shadow of his true self will emerge, though at first reluctantly, to claim his birthright of godhood. He will do so because it is his heritage and destiny. He will discover that he is in fact the principal phenomenon of the world because of his ability to penetrate into the mystery of his own nature. By so doing, he finds that the nature of the cosmos is revealed to him. One of his greatest discoveries will be to know that he has taken part in the whole cycle of the creation of the world, from the formless beginnings up to its most finely differentiated aspects. He is the settler of his own fate, and at the same time while fulfilling his own destiny, he is fulfilling the fate and destiny of the universe to which he belongs and with which he is one.

The dilemma Man has found himself in will be understood to be caused by becoming so "intellectual" and "cultured" that he has taught himself into separation from himself not realizing that he is part of the Godhead. This separation is how the Ageless Wisdom defines evil and it this foundation upon which our social, educational, governmental and economic systems were configured and established. Now both governmental and private institutions pour large sums of money establishing "think tanks" for the intellectual elites of our planet to find the answers to the world's problems. However, wars, poverty and the demise of humanity increase at alarming rates; the ancients say these problems cannot be solved without understanding the Causal level of their existence.

When mankind left his high place of consciousness to embark on a journey of duality, he mentally constructed a reality based on polarity as referenced by the two pillars in Solomon's temple, one black and one white. Man then entered into this mental construct which would take him on a journey into the density of matter and almost total loss of memory of the Oneness of all life. He did not remember that each pillar was only a reflection of the other and not separate, but only two aspects of the One Reality. Because of Man's loss of memory, he has risen up against himself and this self-destructive behavior has permeated every aspect of life here on this planet. The mental and subsequent physical creations of this split in consciousness are now being reflected back to him as the product of his own handiwork.

It is man who must solve the riddle of his own life because it was he who initiated the journey into this experience. It is he who is most qualified to liberate himself from the bondage he has created for himself and his brother.

The first step in this process of liberation is to admit and take responsibility for the decision to step out into darkness in order to discover aspects of his own nature he could not understand without this journey. The Ageless Wisdom dictates that assuming responsibility for one's decision is an essential first step in the resolution of any problem. It requires that the feminine and masculine aspects of divinity which exists on our planet as woman and man take equal responsibility for the decision to enter into this experiment.

This Age of Aquarius called the age of synthesis will see the emergence of the light of the soul. In proportion to the intelligent use of the mind in meditation, the soul will reveal the true nature of the negative and positive aspects of the One Life. The occult knowledge to be uncovered in this age will shine the inner light of the soul on the journey of man. For man to be happy and to find the peace he seeks he must have full insight into his own nature and have right appreciation of the living powers by which his life and those of his fellowman are made more complete.

1 Ms. Jackson is the author of the recently published book, Understanding Your Choice, information about which can be found at the following web address:

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