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The United Nations and the Age of Aquarius

"Said Solomon, 'I shall set thee at the crossroad and make thee silent and immovable. Before thee will pass the signs of events. Thus shalt thou restrain thy human curiosity, and thus shalt thou peer into the predestined tide of the current. For beyond the human is borne the thought of the world.' Thus, mark the flow of events as though you count flocks of sheep from the top of the tower."1

HUMANITY IS RELATIVELY A latecomer to Planet Earth and many are there to remind us that humanity was created for the benefit of the planet rather than the reverse. According to the esoteric wisdom taught in the Mystery Schools throughout time and in the esoteric schools of the day, Homo sapiens, modern humanity, (Latin for "man, the wise") is on an evolutionary journey, with the purpose of unfolding or expanding the consciousness.

Through past civilizations and their eventual catastrophic destruction, our planetary Logos has gradually prepared the field for the future destiny of humanity, which we are told, is currently in the fifth of the seven major phases of its intended unfolding. Over the millennia, as it demonstrated readiness, humanity has been initiated into succeeding phases of divine consciousness through applied stimulation. Each phase has brought the original divine purpose of our planetary logos closer into manifestation.

In this process of unfolding the consciousness, we know that speaking symbolically, the three knowledge petals of the human egoic lotus have been unfolded one at a time throughout the Lemurian, the Atlantean and in this current 5th root race. The task ahead as we move into the Age of Aquarius is the unfolding of the love petals of humanity's egoic lotus. What does this mean practically? This means, for example, that humanity has the opportunity to move into an age when cooperation is valued over competition and when the ability to share and to meet a neighbor's need is more highly prized than is selfish and aggressive acquisitiveness. From the point of view of the seven major energy centers, this means that humanity has the opportunity to transfer the focus of its energy from a solar plexus orientation with a focus on "me, mine and my own", to a heart center orientation, with a focus on creating bridges of loving understanding.

The United Nations, which celebrates its 58th birthday anniversary on October 24th, is a living testament and reflection of humanity's nascent attempt to "unfold the love petals" and to thus move into a New Age of wider possibilities—a New Age of brotherhood.

In "A Catechism" given out by the Master Djwahl Khul within the book, The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A. Bailey, the Master Teacher asks the disciple, "What dawns upon the sight as thou standest on the Way, O worn and tired disciple, triumphant in the light?" The answer comes from the knowing disciple, "A radiant shining form which is my Self, my soul. A dark and somber figure, yet old and wise, experienced and sad. This is my self, my lower self, my ancient tried appearance upon the ways of earth. These two stand face to face and in between, the burning ground…They move and merge…" (p. 302)

The United Nations, referred to by some as part of a Cosmic Plan, represents the way of love and the way of reason as articulated in its Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If functioning as intended, the United Nations would allow humanity to move out from under ancient controls of aggression, hatred and selfishness and towards a more spiritual, enlightened way of life. The burning ground between the "dark and somber" and the "radiant shining form" is what humanity has experienced over the past 58 years as halting attempts to embrace and implement the envisioned possibility have met with obstacle upon obstacle.

It is only as the United Nations can demonstrate the potency of the spiritual values which it is called upon to implement that humanity can begin to lay those foundations which will guarantee the fulfillment of the promise of the Age of Aquarius. Only as the United Nations implements the Four Freedoms by creating a permanent system of general security and by promoting social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom-for all the world's people can humanity then be free to use the abstract mind and truly think. Only then can humanity begin to move out of the cycle of karma yoga and into the cycle of raja yoga wherein the mind can be "impressed from on high" and illumined by the light of the soul. Only then will humanity be able to bring about the desired changes and produce the conditions that will allow the soul of humanity to express itself in the daily life.2

1 Signs of Agni Yoga (123), Agni Yoga Society.
2 In the second volume of the Agni Yoga Society's book Infinity, it is indicated, "When humanity fills the space with its quests, space responds by sending the higher energies." We thus encourage the weekly use of the meditation outline, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity," which can be requested via the Reply Slip.

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