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The Power of Thought, Sensitivity to Telepathic Impression and World Public Opinion1

Each epoch has its own call. The power of thought will be the evocative principle of the New World.
Signs of Agni Yoga (101), Agni Yoga Society

"There is no escaping that we live in grave and pivotal times. Humanity has the opportunity to soar into a lighted new era or to exacerbate the warring tendencies of the past. Those of us who are students of the esoteric wisdom are keenly aware of the forces and energies that today are clashing and precipitating this current planetary crisis. With knowledge comes responsibility and opportunity.

"Our Beloved Teachers, responsible for the presentation of the Ageless Wisdom to the West, have detailed what is at stake and have enjoined their students to strive, to effort and to 'count all things but loss unless they are productive along the line of service to humanity.' Many of us recognize that we chose to come to the planet at just this very time so that we could be of help in augmenting the Forces of Light in order to help struggling humanity liberate itself from the yoke of darkness and imprisonment. In what way can we be of the utmost help at this time?

"The answer resounds within the teachings put forth by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and the Agni Yoga Society. The envisioned new era will come about when the aspirants, disciples, and 'friends' of the Ageless Wisdom recognize the power of applied thought, develop sensitivity to the higher impressions, and educate public opinion regarding the new ideas seeking entrance into the daily life."

Such read the letter calling upon interested people to meet for a Roundtable on Sunday evening, February 16, 2003. An agenda of questions as well as "Preparatory Thoughts for Pondering" were provided. A group met in New York City, others met in their respective locations. The theme of the roundtable, of course, is one to which we can return again and again. It is in fact, the contemporary facet of the eternal theme of the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom and the Liberated Lords of Shamballa. It is related to the Purpose of the Planetary Logos of Planet Earth Who seeks to make of Earth a sacred planet.

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that for many long eons the Spiritual Beings who watch over the evolution on planet Earth have sought to inspire humanity so that Goodness, Truth and Beauty might transform this planet of sorrow. Humanity, however, must CHOOSE the Higher Way. Humanity must strive to elevate its thinking in order to contact those higher levels of consciousness.

It is only in this way that the present unhappy state of world affairs can be changed. This will be done, not through the war like measures of the past or the enforced will of some aggressive or wealthy group, but through the weight of a trained public opinion. This public opinion must "be based on goodwill, on an intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity, on a determination to bring about right human relations and on the recognition that the problems with which humanity is today confronted can be solved through goodwill."2

Thus, every unifying thought and deed of every person—however humble, if sincere—can be of tremendous aid. To this task all are called, to this task all can contribute.

Following are some selected thoughts from co-workers who participated in the Roundtable. Any additional thoughts can be sent via e-mail to

"We are not alone in our thinking. In fact, those of us who are aware of the fact that energy follows thought, need to be monitoring our thinking 24/7 to maintain thought patterns of harmlessness and the good of the whole. We thus become part of the process of awakening to 'that which is on the verge of precipitation'—those thought forms stemming from the 'raincloud of knowable things', that energy storehouse which originates in the Universal Mind"
Excerpted from the response of a co-worker in the U.S.

"The members of the New Group of World Servers must see this moment as one of greatest opportunity that is brought through crises. However, it is also a moment of greatest danger. Those who use meditation as a planetary service must keep alert to this moment of opportunity and do their job. They key to protection and to right action is inclusiveness, wider view, and expansion of consciousness, unification and unity. This can be reached through the growth of sensitivity to telepathic impression through complete self-decentralization and self-forgetfulness."
Excerpted from the joint response of a group of co-workers in Brazil.

1 The Theme of a Roundtable held on February 16, 2003. The background materials for this Roundtable (the agenda questions and "Preparatory Thoughts for Pondering") are available here and through the enclosed Reply Slip.
2 The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, in Problems of Humanity by Alice A. Bailey, p. 181.

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