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The Law of the Cosmic Magnet and the Age of Aquarius

When the world is convulsed and humanity heaves in turmoil, there remains only one path to salvation. How is it possible not to realize the highest, and the creative path of the ascent of the spirit! Just now when all the old ways are destroyed, when all the old energies are out-lived, when the planet itself shifts its crust, how is it possible not to adopt with one's entire spirit the new affirmations and the regenerating energies emanating from the might of the Chain of Hierarchy! Only thus can humanity be attracted to the higher energies. Following the foundations of the Cosmic Magnet, the highest manifestation will attract the spirit to the Highest. Thus, the highest law of Hierarchy creates through beneficence, affirming a better future.1

INTENSE AND UNREMITTING crises are the order of the day-in the personal life of the individual and in the global life of the planet. On every hand, in all fields, on all levels, crises abound. The shattering of the known and the habitual, the tearing down of entrenched and crystallized institutions and forms cannot be escaped, averted or ignored.

Within the rubble, chaos and turmoil of individual and planetary life, the heart of the Hierarchy of Light and Love continues to beat rhythmically, serenely and eternally-as the still, causative point within the turbulent storm. The systolic and diastolic pulsation of this unified heart irradiates our planet with energies that are as electro-magnetic waves emanating from the Cosmic Magnet, creating that ever-present stream of Love Divine.

Pointing out the Way of Resurrection while sounding the note of Bliss and Joy, the energy frequencies of this Hierarchy of Light can be glimpsed through the dark clouds and dust storms created by the clash of forces now underway on our planet. Those who untiringly labour for the Common Good; those who seek the way of Reason, of Inclusive Understanding and of Planetary Purpose, can discern the silent but inevitable pull of this Cosmic Magnet ever urging humanity to strive upwards into realms of harmony, of light and of joy.

The Agni Yoga wisdom refers to this Hierarchical Cosmic Magnet, as a "call of the heart", and a "fiery admonition directing toward the General Good." It calls attention to the path of ascent which can lead struggling humanity from darkness to light: "Like milestones on a luminous path, the Brothers of Humanity, ever alert, are standing on guard, ready to lead the traveler into the chain of ascent."2

Almost as an echo, science seems to affirm this truth of the spiritual chain of ascent in the following thought taken from an article that appeared in the May 2002 issue of Natural History. Therein, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director of New York City's Hayden Planetarium writes that "Evidence indicates a mysterious pressure within the vacuum of space that acts in the opposite direction of gravity, and this pressure is more of an enigma than dark matter is."3

To date, however, humanity has chosen to live within a closed circle, seemingly oblivious to and disconnected from this "mysterious pressure," which the esoteric wisdom refers to as the fiery magnetic radiation of the Supermundane Lives that surround us. Unaware of these Elder Brothers who are ready to help the weary traveler upon the chain of ascent, humanity, instead has acted obstructively, adding to the spiraling whirlpools moving in the opposite direction.

As ever, life is for learning and in spite of the ramifications, free will and choice are the prerogative of each of us. We can choose to advance by "entering the stream of evolution and adopting the process of self-perfecting, in order to win a place of higher tension in the Cosmos, or the realm governed by man will be destroyed."4

Those of us who seek to fit ourselves to be a part of the emerging Aquarian Age Community know that each thought, each action, each individual consciousness is reflected within the Karma of the Worldówithin the planetary consciousness. As each of us labour and strive to actualize the promise of the Aquarian Age, so we must seek adherence to the Law of the Cosmic Magnet; so we can electrify, strengthen and deepen the stream of Love Divine.

A new world is in the making, but vigilance is required from each of us. As the Agni Yoga wisdom alerts us, "During the epoch of unbalance between good and evil, prior to the epoch of Satya Yuga, humanity must show exactitude of direction."5

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