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The Law of Loving Understanding

"Only from the heart centre can stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together. ….This heart centre, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples to each other and to all the world."
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 87

From the dawn of history, the Guides of the human race have sought to reveal the invisible reality and teach its laws, qualities and attributes. The evolution of the esoteric doctrine is a result of this intention to teach about this inner, deeper and subtler invisible reality. An ancient aphorism captures this truth by succinctly reminding us that "the eye sees what it brings to the seeing." The Agni Yoga wisdom elaborates this same truth by pointing out that "Only a minor part of reality is cognized by humanity" and "humanity dwells in a restricted reality."1

All that IS is ever present. What we are aware of—our point of consciousness—is a result of the thoughts/energies that impress us at any given moment and how we allow these to condition us. We cannot be aware of the greater unseen Reality, if we do not actively seek it out and seek to become receptive to it. If our focus and concentration is continually on the three worlds of the daily life; if we are intensely preoccupied with the moods of the lower personal self or if we lack sensitivity to the subtler realms, our reality will be limited to the three lowest planes of existence.

Each initiation, each expansion of consciousness reveals alternate realities. Whereas today the majority are influenced by the Law of Cleavages, and the few respond to the Law of Loving Understanding, in the future of this evolving Age of Aquarius, many will look back and realize the limited and limiting focus of the day.

Every racial period—from the Lemurian to the Atlantean, to the slowly transforming Aryan and to the evolving unnamed 6th human race2 has been and will be governed by its own characteristic laws of being3. The Law of Cleavages applies to the life of form as the Law of Loving Understanding applies to the world of the Soul. As the name implies, the Law of Cleavages refers to the distinctions, the divisions and the separations that have been part of the past Piscean Age. Necessary and beneficial for individuation and the development of the lower concrete mind, this Law of Cleavages now needs to be subordinated to the higher Aquarian Law of Loving Understanding which energizes the heart center and thus seeks to unify and bring harmony out of conflict.

The Law of Loving Understanding may seem as a sentimental phrase, but it is a scientific expression of a great evolutionary development in human consciousness. This law emphasizes the eternal brotherhood of humanity and the relationship of all souls to the Oversoul. Writing in Destiny of the Nations about the effect of this law on the nations of the world, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul affirms the changes destined to become part of our reality in this Aquarian Age, if humanity but hearkens to the opportunity.

"The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding will be greatly facilitated and speeded during the Aquarian Age….it will eventuate later in the development of a world-wide international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faith in God and in humanity also as the major expression of divinity upon the planet and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world of material things to that of the more purely psychic. This will lead in time and inevitably to the world of spiritual realities."4

As the heart centre within each human being and within the collective humanity awakens and opens, so shall we see a demonstration of this Law of Loving Understanding on a planetary scale. The heart is the focal point through which the energy of love can flow. The Agni Yoga Wisdom teaches that "pure hearts will perceive the Highest. [However,] it must be remembered that the purity of accepted concepts depends upon free will. People begin a pure life, as in the home, and also in the heart, according to their own decision. Thus, the Guide cannot compel purifying the heart, if there is no desire for it."5

We are told that when the Reappearing One, the Teacher of Love and Unity, once again begins to work publicly, the focal point of this work "will be in the nature of a tiny heart centre through which the love energy of the Hierarchy can persistently flow."6

As we are learning, evolution depends on the application of the transforming and transfiguring Will, which works in harmony with the Higher Subtler Energies of Life. May we each apply ourselves in the fullest way possible.

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2 The esoteric wisdom uses this term "race" to refer to distinct states of human consciousness some of which predate recorded history. For a discussion of these racial periods, see The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky and Esoteric Psychology, Volumes I and II by Alice A. Bailey.
3 We are reminded in the first volume of Esoteric Psychology (p. 377) by Alice A. Bailey that "a law is but the effect of the continued intelligent activity of the Life aspect as it works in conjunction with matter."
4 p. 47.
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6 The Rays and the Initiations , by Alice A. Bailey, p. 618.

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