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The Inexorable Cosmic Laws,
Free Will & the Age of Aquarius

"….The ignorant will say, 'We have many times defamed the Highest, and nevertheless we still exist; no fire has seared us, and nothing threatens us.' Then let us lead them to the public square, where blind beggars are crawling in filth, and say to them, 'There also are you.' Let us lead them into prisons, into mines, to fires, to executions, and say, 'Can it be that you do not recognize yourselves? You have just severed the thread with the Highest, and you have hurled yourselves into the abyss.' It is not necessary to terrify with threats, life is full of examples of such horrors. Remember that the pressure of fire is invisible, yet nothing can escape its consequences. …even the ancients understood the justice of the law, and knew that offense against the Primary Principles is so great and terrible that the result cannot be immediately seen." Fiery World, Vol. II (237)

In the 1989 edition of Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the primary definition given for the word "law" is "the principles and regulations established by a government and applicable to a people." A third definition refers to "the controlling influence" of designated rules and "the condition of society brought about by their observance." It is not until we move down the list that we find in the 13th definition a reference relating law to "the will of a deity." In this example we see so clearly and poignantly the juxtaposition and relationship of Cosmic Law, humanity's free will and our contemporary understanding of law. The sublime, the sacred and the lofty are as an after thought and made subordinate to the mundane and the circumscribed.

Yet the Laws of Cosmos are inviolable and the Hierarchy of Being stands upon these exact laws. Such recorded historic texts as the Puranas, the Upanishads, and other ancient covenants transmit with absolute exactness the laws of Being. The Vyâsas of old and all succeeding Teachers of the Wisdom have sought to reveal these laws, emphasizing the need to honor them and live by their precepts, pointing out time and again that an understanding of such laws could ennoble all of humanity. However, to-date, humanity has chosen to ignore the greater Reality of which it is a part. In the words of the Agni Yoga Wisdom, "Man who has been predestined by the Cosmos to be a builder and co-creator, has turned himself away from this crown."1

Exercising its divinely given free will, instead of communion and interrelationship with the Higher Spheres, humanity en masse has chosen the corridors of self-contained darkness, cut off from the great Ladder of luminous Beings Who would lend of their energies, if we but would invoke them. In spite of the painfully obvious ramifications all around us, free will is the dignity of humanity and the Forces of Light do not and will not coerce or impose. It is pointed out that spiritual evolution cannot be forced and the Higher Spheres can only be contacted through each individual flaming heart in service to the Common Good.

In the book, Hierarchy, the Masters of the Wisdom further explain the merit of free will and its relationship to the Aquarian quality of cooperation: "We oppose any coercion. We do not direct the energy without the consent of the co-worker. We know the worthlessness of everything superficial and outwardly propelled. Like a builder, We summon co-workers."2 And, "the Forces of Light do not stop the spirit from certain actions which violate often that which has been ordained. Often people are perplexed as to why the other paths are not indicated. …Let us reply, 'The Forces of Light never invade human Karma.'"3

Although free will permits numerous perversions and contradictions, any alternative leads to the question, is any true union possible where there is no responsibility for the individual will? Self-sacrifice can neither be prompted nor commanded and transformation is only possible when the individual voluntarily begins the ascent towards the Light.

Just as ideology was the basic theme of the past 2500 years of the Piscean Age, so is relationship the outstanding theme of the Age of Aquarius. In so much as the Age of Aquarius affirms humanity's free will, so too, does it evoke the spirit of cooperation, synthesis and loving understanding, resulting in the enlightened realization that without harmony with the Higher Spheres, free will leads into the abyss. Thus, the call goes forth, let us not violate free will, let each one of us sense the Great Vibrations in our own way, and make haste in applying them.

1 Fiery World, Vol. III, Agni Yoga Society (374).
2 Hierarchy, Agni Yoga Society (410).
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Two metals cannot be forged together without fire; likewise, a current of the higher energy can only be received by a fiery heart.

AUM (563)

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