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Redemption and the Age of Aquarius

A great redemptive experiment is going forward; its prime implementing factors
and its scientific agents are the sons of mind who choose to be the sons of men
and yet for all eternity remain the Sons of God

ccording to the esoteric wisdom, the matter or substance of our current solar system was inherited from a past solar system. Relative to the more refined, vital and higher frequencies of the currently available energies, the radiatory quality of this matter is slow, ponderous, non-responsive and occultly "dark." It creates obfuscation.

From humanity's point of view, the result is such that the human form, created out of this substance, veils and imprisons the indwelling spiritual realities. Because of humanity's unique position in the evolutionary ladder, they (we) are the meeting place of spirit, consciousness and form. Thus, from the dawn of humanity's appearance on planet Earth, the Guides of the race have sought to help us understand how we can undertake planetary redemption by becoming aware of the inner spiritual realities, liberating them and consequently transforming life on this planet and in the universe.

However, since the days of Atlantis when many within the humanity of that day began thwarting the wisdom of the Elder Teachers and following the way of darkness instead of the way of light, humanity has not fully or adequately responded to the teachings of the higher consciousness. Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, Krishna, Buddha or any of the Teachers of humanity, and passed on to the masses by Their disciples, was not and has not yet been expressed as it was hoped. In the words of the Ageless Wisdom, the result is an "interruption of impression," or an "interference with the divine circulatory flow."

Cumulatively, throughout the ages, humanity has compounded the darkness of the inherent substance by thoughts of hate, deeds of cruelty and ambitious selfishness. Yet, realization is the goal of our Aquarian Age and unimpeded relationship is the fruit of this realization.

It is therefore incumbent upon a humanity who tires of strife, suffering and travail to cooperatively and consciously commit to planetary redemption. As we know, Aquarius is the sign of world service. Hate and separation must cease and they will cease only as each of us obliterates these from our own life. Each of us can cultivate the Aquarian spirit of non-separativeness, love, and understanding, and what better way to do this than by the mind's true liberation from opposing and imprisoning thoughts?

The Agni Yoga wisdom teaches that "If humanity would understand how majestic the creative impulse of thought is, then every thought generated would be expended for the common Good."2 Each aspiring thought can liberate the spirit from cosmic dross. While each malicious, hurtful thought can further obscure the light. Space is impregnated by humanity's thoughts and we reap the benefits in our daily experiences.

The creation of thoughtforms directed towards the Common Good is the purpose of creative meditation as a planetary service. Via such meditation, we can contact the Soul, the true Redeemer that will eventually transmute, transform and transfigure all negative forms, allowing the inner glory to shine through.

Via concentrated meditation offered for the Common Good, we can, for example, visualize the perpetual flow of Essential Love pouring from Cosmic Sources into our planet. We can realize this Cosmic Love to be an ever-present permeation of all planes and states of planetary consciousness. We can further see this energy flowing into the hearts and minds of all humanity and all life on our planet, beautifying, strengthening and electrifying the connecting link among all spiritual centers on our planet. With conscious, willful intention we can consider specific ways and means through which we can attempt the application of the Aquarian energies of universality, synthesis and loving understanding, seeing these energies impacting human and world affairs and improving life on our planet.3

Thus, by the thoughtforms that we create, by our practical application of any truth we have recognized and understood, each of us can participate in the needed planetary redemption. Each of us can thus help transform "the Bridge of Sighs" into the radiant Rainbow Bridge of Light connecting us to the universal Aquarian Energies of Love, Light and the Will-to-Good.

1 Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, Alice A. Bailey, p. 386.
2 Infinity, Vol. II (370).
3 For a copy of the meditation outline, "Invoking and Expressing the Energies of the Aquarian Age," please see the reply slip.

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