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Suffering on Planet Earth and the Age of Aquarius

The heart knows the pain of the world, but it also knows the superterranean rays.1

In the esoteric wisdom, planet Earth is known as that "dismal, weary vale of earth"-that unhappy little planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle. In contrast to many of its sibling planets, our earth is not yet a sacred planet. On the physical plane of daily living, spirit is dominated by matter and thus, suffering is a basic truth.

However, humanity's quest as well as its destiny is one of freedom and liberation. It is this quest that from the beginning of time has impelled humanity forward allowing it to evolve into newer vistas, new fields of experience, new areas of knowledge and a broader and deeper understanding of life. The contrast between the envisioned liberty and the experienced bondage and consequent suffering is well depicted in the following stanza from the "Old Commentary:"

The sons of God, who know and see and hear (and knowing, know they know) suffer the pain of conscious limitation. Deep in the inmost depths of conscious being, their lost estate of liberty eats like a canker. Pain, sickness, poverty and loss are seen as such, and from them every son of God revolts. He knows that in himself, as once he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain. Sickness and death, corruption and disease, they touched him not. The riches of the universe were his, and naught he knew of loss."2

It was the persistent and one-pointed search for the cause of human suffering that eventually brought the attainment of enlightenment and title of Lord Buddha ("The Enlightened One") to Gautama. The Light-force ever burns the darkness of ignorance. Within His state of heightened and transformed consciousness, He realized and understood the cause of human suffering and the method by which it can become extinguished.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna proclaimed that He would appear time after time "for the salvation of the righteous, the destruction of such as do evil, and for the firm establishing of the Law." And, the Christ proclaimed that "I am come that they may have life." From the secret Place of the Most High to the humblest human being, living and struggling and sorrowing on earth, a transmission of energy and knowledge cyclically occurs so that "life more abundantly" can reach and communicate with humanity. Eternally, the deep suffering of the earthly life has evoked a spiritual Messenger who carried on the continuity of revelation, thus providing for humanity the fundamentals of evolution. In the Agni Yoga tradition this inexorable law is expressed in the book Heart: "Multitudescall out their suffering, and a generous heart cannot refuse the calling ones."3

The promise of the Age of Aquarius is that finally, after its long evolutionary journey, humanity has arrived at the juncture where joy and strength can take the place of "the cup of sorrow and agony of the Cross." In the symbolism of the East, "The Bridge of Sighs" can be replaced by the radiant Rainbow Bridge of light. This promise is based on the expectation that the Aquarian Age will be predominantly the age of worldwide discipleship. Aspiring to brotherhood and to the living expression of the higher spiritual values, it is expected that disciples everywhere will become involved in the process of planetary redemption. Shouldering the agony, anguish and pain of the human family and life on planet earth, they (we) will turn to the task of cooperatively helping to lift the burdens of the world. Prevision of just this time on our planet is expressed in The New Testament: "The whole creation groaneth and travaileth together in pain until now, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God." (Romans 8:22)

The Aquarian is consecrated to the welfare of humanity and as such, he/she seeks to produce those conditions, which will help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely. He/she seeks to uphold the law of love-the only law that can truly save and redeem the world. It is this law of love that is encapsulated in the words of an ancient psalm that provides the thoughtform of solution for our time: "I shall encompass within my heart the sorrow of the world. I shall incandesce the heart as the womb of Earth. I shall saturate it with lightnings. The new heart is the shield of the world. I shall inscribe upon it the sign of the Earth-Mother."4

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4 Quoted in Sutra 102 in the book, Hierarchy, by the Agni Yoga Society

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