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The Principle of Unity and Individual Responsibility
Sheryl Levene

Help wherever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly. The heart aflame with help is Our heart.

Hierarchy, par. 434

We must begin to abolish the lines of demarcation by educating people about their personal responsibility for the good of the whole. The principle of Unity must become the labor of the day. The law of brotherhood must be taught in the classrooms of our young. Our churches have not recognised that the cure is self-applied. Their crystallization must give way to the fact that we are all involved in the process of creating "heaven" on earth. Recognising our personal responsibility and putting into action correct ways of interaction in the arena of daily life will move this planet in line with the evolution of cosmos. Individualism, which was so important for the human being to attain, needed qualities and characteristics must now evolve into group concern and group love.

Each of us must endeavor to embody and teach the basic facts that we are one large family under the sun, the One Life lives in everyone's blood and we cannot fully realize our potential-individually or collectively-unless the Spirit of Peace resides in our heart. "Me" must transform into "Thee" for thyself is in me. We must practice and teach the knowledge of the Self. Diversity must be looked at as the manifesting kaleidoscope of the One Life. Unity must be entered through the doors of the many. We must teach the young that no one can live in joy if living only for the self.

In the home of a kind person, light lives. This is where love for the world must begin. It is from correct family relationships that love finds a channel into the world of humanity. Patience and tolerance are two virtues that must be cultivated within the family setting. When the family is nurtured with patient and loving respect, children know in their hearts that other people are also to be respected and cared for. The healing of the worlds' cleavages begins with the healing of the children and in one's own home.

The Lord Buddha said, "The greatest of all is a loving heart." He taught his followers to send waves of kindness, compassion and joy into space so that these thought streams would reach any mind afflicted with sorrow and grief. Thought is energy and can be radiated to all four quarters of space-above and below. Cleavages can be healed by thoughts of justice, spiritual values, peace, economic fairness and goodwill.

Not only must we be the keeper of our own internal and family home, but we must think in larger terms believing that by the concerted use of our mental activity we can adjust the consciousness of humanity. Using our mind's power we can envision the release and sharing of all resources on our planet. Thus, we can each become the keeper of spiritual vision for all on our planet-including the poor, the children and the down-trodden of the world. When we can move into the pain of the person who cannot work for fair wages and know that person to be our father, our brother, ourself, we will experience a wave of compassion, which the Great Ones embody. We will then understand the Love-Reason for which they sacrifice Their Bliss.

The energies and principles that seek to lift and move our planet into the Dawn of a New Age must be precipitated by the disciples in the world. Thoughts and activities of Brotherhood must be created daily. Words of understanding must be spoken in every situation of tension. By precipitation, correct thinking, words that unite, action in line with the Spiritual Hierarchy and a heart on fire with compassion, a world server can help heal the cleavages in the three worlds of life.

The expression of the Soul must be applied to nations, communities and the home life. A contribution to the welfare of humanity is in order. An attitude of selflessness will expand the heart centre. All can benefit from the person, group or nation who has improved one's own mode of living. This type of spiritual organism is a living light, a healing and vital centre in the body of Cosmos.

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