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The Conflict Between the Solar
Angel & the Dweller

Every human being is intended to be an expression of a solar Angel. Through the solar Angel each of us are incontrovertibly linked to, and animated by the energies coming from all the seven groups of solar Angels within the fifth kingdom of the Soul. Each of these groups is in touch with the life of the planet, the solar system and the lives beyond the solar system as well.

Why is this reality NOT a commonly recognized fact? Why are most of us NOT aware of these awesome, impacting energies and vital, electric relationships in our day-to-day consciousness?

The answer lies hidden within the early history of the planet but held in trust and preserved in the annals of all the mystery schools of all times from ancient India to ancient Greece and retold for modern humanity in The Secret Doctrine1. Therein we learn of the first planetary battle waged in ancient Atlantis between the "Lords of the Shining Countenance" and the "Lords of Darkness"-between those who selfishly and greedily grasped what they wanted, no matter what the cost to others and those who taught and lived by the eternal attributes of Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

The answer can also be found in the age-old duality of human experience-a duality that has engendered the eternal struggle, daily played out within our lives, between that which clouds the vision and imprisons and that which would liberate and set us free. The esoteric wisdom describes these two opposing forces as those of darkness and materialism, emanating from the Dweller, and those of light and love emanating from the solar Angel.

The esoteric concept of the Dweller is partially reflected in modern psychology's reference to the "shadow"-the dark side of human nature. The Dweller, however, is more all encompassing as it is recognized to be an inherent part of the material from which our physical, emotional and mental bodies are composed. It is thus a product of the maya, glamour and illusion of all time. Made up of instinctual tendencies, inherited glamours and wrong mental attitudes, the Dweller is the sum total of all the personality characteristics that remain unconquered and unsubdued. In short, the Dweller is all that a human being is, apart from the inner spiritual self.

Just as there exists an individual and a group Dweller, so there exists a planetary Dweller. A composite of the selfish motives and evil impulses of each human being from the beginning of time, the planetary Dweller hovers as a gigantic thoughtform over the entire human family. Energized and fed by the persistent lower nature of each human being, this Dweller is the antagonist who stands between the fourth kingdom of humanity and the fifth kingdom of the Soul-obstructing and repulsing the light and love of the solar Angel.

How can we break free and liberate ourselves from this oppressive force? How can the blaze of glory, which is the solar Angel, obliterate the lesser light of the Dweller?

It is an eternal law that humanity cannot be redeemed by a power external to itself. Each of us, one by one-and not by some divine intervention-must liberate ourselves from the grip and influence of the Dweller. Succinctly, the Agni Yoga teachings proclaim, "Self-perfectment is Light. Self-indulgence is darkness." We can strengthen the presence of the Angel and diminish the power of the Dweller via persistent, focused meditation on the good of the whole, on planetary unity and brotherhood. We can learn to be obedient to the highest that we know-in small things as well as in great. We can daily and hourly recollect our responsibility to the Plan of Love and Light and we can develop that sensitivity and inner attention by which we can arrive at inspiration. The tide is with us for it is the promise of the Aquarian Age that, given the requisite effort, the solar Angel will take its destined seat of power in the daily life.

1 See, for example, pp. 275-466 of Volume II.

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